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Common Dental Emergencies: What Is Considered an Emergency?

Close-up of a woman's mouth and jaw as she makes a pained expression and holds her left hand to her jaw

Dental emergencies can be scary and stressful, especially if you’re not sure if your situation is considered an emergency. Knowing what qualifies as a dental emergency can help you take the appropriate action to address the problem and keep your family’s smiles healthy. A dental emergency happens when you need immediate help to save a […]

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Does Chewing Gum Ruin Your Teeth?

a woman blows a bubble with a piece of chewing gum

Your dental health is essential to preserve, and developing a consistent dental exam schedule with your dental professional can help maintain your smile for years to come. Good dental health habits travel outside of the dentist’s office and can help you maintain the health of your teeth during daily life.  Let’s explore whether chewing gum […]

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