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Dr. Trac was recently featured on CTV discussing dental implants, check out the video here.

Dental implants are an alternative to dentures that can replace missing teeth and save the integrity of your jawbone. They are typically used when one or more teeth are missing to improve your bite and smile. Titanium implants are placed within the jawbone to replace the roots of a missing tooth (or teeth), and an artificial tooth is secured on top. They look, act, and feel like natural teeth and can help you chew and speak normally.

Dental implants are a good option for individuals with overall good general health that have enough bone in their jaw to support the implant. If your jawbone has shrunk due to missing teeth, you may need a bone graft to support an implant.

If you have missing teeth and would like to explore the option of dental implants, we’d love to help. Contact our office, and we can book you in for an appointment!

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What Is the Anatomy of a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are made up of a root and an artificial tooth. The “root” is a titanium peg inserted into the jaw bone to mimic a tooth’s natural root. The implant is then topped with an artificial tooth similar to a dental crown.

Your dentist will assess your overall oral health to determine if implants are a good option. If you need a bone graft to build up your jawbone and support an implant, your dentist may refer you to a specialist to ensure this procedure is right for you.

How Are Dental Implants Done?

If you’re interested in dental implants, we’ll first have you come in for a consultation to assess your overall health and candidacy for the procedure. This exam consists of evaluating your teeth and gums and x-rays of your jaw, teeth, and head. The x-rays allow your dentist to see your jawbone and the surrounding tooth roots to determine if implants will sit correctly in your gums. If they determine you’re a good candidate for implants, they’ll schedule your surgery, which may take one or 2 visits to complete.

During the procedure, your dentist will make a small incision in your gum tissue to insert the titanium implant into your jawbone. Once in place, they will stitch the gum tissue to ensure it stays in the right place. During healing, the implant fuses to your jawbone and attaches itself to your gums. It may take several months for the implant to fuse completely.

Once the implant has fused, your dentist will have you return to install the artificial tooth. They will attach a small metal post, called an abutment, to the implant that will allow the artificial tooth to adhere to it. Once the tooth is attached, your dentist will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure the tooth stays in its place and is comfortable in your mouth.

Caring For Your Dental Implants

Implants, once fully installed and healed, look and act like natural teeth. You should care for them just like you would your natural teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Proper oral hygiene practices help keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay.

Your dentist will show you how to brush and floss your implants to keep them clean.

It’s important to visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, even if you don’t have any natural teeth left. These checkups ensure your implants are sitting properly, your bite is correct, and your gums are healthy.

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If you have missing teeth and would like to explore the option of dental implants, please contact our office. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions you have and determine if dental implants are right for you!

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