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When to Stop Using Gauze After a Tooth Extraction

a woman sits in a dental chair holding her face with tooth pain. a dentist is preparing to examine her mouth

A tooth extraction is typically the last resort for dental care, but it’s an essential procedure. Removing a decaying tooth can prevent infection from spreading to surrounding teeth and gums. And if you’re going to go through the process, it’s worth spending some extra time making sure the aftercare is effective. After dental surgery, your […]

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Can a Dentist Diagnose TMJ?

A young woman with her left hand massaging her left jaw with a gesture of pain on her face.

Diagnosing Jaw Health Many moving parts and essential tissues are involved in a healthy oral system. Most people know dentists care for teeth and gums. Your family dentist is also trained to diagnose and treat multiple oral health issues, including bone, jaw, and joint problems. When you experience jaw discomfort or issues with jaw movement, […]

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Does Chewing Gum Ruin Your Teeth?

a woman blows a bubble with a piece of chewing gum

Your dental health is essential to preserve, and developing a consistent dental exam schedule with your dental professional can help maintain your smile for years to come. Good dental health habits travel outside of the dentist’s office and can help you maintain the health of your teeth during daily life.  Let’s explore whether chewing gum […]

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