Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures
Dental implants can provide stability to loose and ill-fitting dentures. The implants can connect or attach to dentures. Because implants provide denture stabilization, they can take away ALL of the problems with dentures and restore you to function, provide security and enjoyment of life.

Option 1
Two (2) Implants with "ball attachments" is designed to basically stabilize the denture. The denture is still supported by the "gums" but it does not lift or rotate.
Because it is secured by 2 ball attachments, there is still some tipping action especially in back region.

Option 2
Four (4) implants with a bar attached to them provide greater stability and security and still have the advantages of a removable denture. The bar connecting the implants supports the denture.

By securing the denture in this manner, denture sore spots and tipping are no longer present. This gives an extremely stable and secure result.

Option 3
By placing 5 to 6 implants in either the upper and lower jaw, a non-removable denture can be made that is screwed into the implants. This provides the ultimate in denture stability and supports the lips and soft tissues.
The denture cannot be removed by the patient but must be removed by the dentist at regular intervals in order to clean and maintain the implants.

It requires a high degree of dedication to ensure that debris does not collect around the implants.