Immediate Implants

Dental Implants in 1 Day
One of the more recent technologies developed by Professor P.I. Branemark (a product of Nobel Biocare) that is now available to many patients is Immediate Load or Immediate Placement dental implants.

This unique procedure enables us to install crowns on the same day (or within 2-3 days for some cases) as the implants are placed. The usual 3 to 6 month healing period, as in traditional implant dentistry, is eliminated. This feature makes Immediate Load implants very attractive and convenient to patients.

Traditional Implant Dentistry
Traditional implant procedures are available for those patients who are not candidates for Immediate Load implants.

Patients requiring bone graft or gum tissue graft surgery would be treated initially with these procedures to stabilize any hard and soft tissue deficits. Traditional dental implant procedures would accompany these types of treatment plans.