About the Dentists

Dr. Michael Trac D.M.D. , B.Sc.

General Dentist
Dr. Michael Trac received his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Manitoba. He has a strong interest in the field of dental implants and oral surgery. Dr. Trac is always committed to putting his patients needs first. He takes the initiative to ensure all his patients receive the most comprehensive treatment. He thoroughly explains all treatment options with his patients and helps them decide what treatment is best suited for them.

When he is not working, Dr. Trac enjoys playing with his 3 children. He also enjoys golfing and cooking too.

Dr. Zoe Shum D.M.D. , B.Sc.

General Dentist
Dr. Zoe Shum graduated from the University of Manitoba where she received her Bachelor of Sciences and Doctor of Dental Medicine. She has a passion for cosmetic dentistry. Whenever a patient needs a beautiful smile, they often see Dr. Shum. She adds her personal touch to all her cosmetic dental treatment cases. Whether the patient requires veneers, crowns, whitening, or bonding, Dr. Shum will patiently explain all the treatment options and let you know which one will give you the most pleasing and satisfying result.

Dr. Shum has quite a busy schedule taking care of her 3 children when she is not working. Even with a busy work and family schedule, she still finds time to go to spin cycle classes and yoga classes.